Using Zapier to connect your systems together by YES Academy

Using Zapier to connect your systems together

Transform your business when you automate with Zapier

Make your life easier

You can streamline and automate your business systems when you connect them together. You can do that with Zapier

What's this about?

It's about stopping the search for a way to connect your business apps in a simple, powerful way. If you've been looking to do the same, this is for you. 

You'll learn more than just the fundamentals of setting up and using Zapier, and even if you know how to use it, there is bound to be some new material that you may not have been exposed to before.

What problem does Zapier solve?

Simply put, Zapier allows your current (and future) business apps & programs to talks to each other so you can move data in between each other at your direction.

What's covered in this course

You'll get more than the fundamentals of using Zapier. Here's what you'll find in the course videos.

Streamline your business with Zapier

Learn how streamlining your apps can impact your business. You'll wonder why you waited


I wish I'd found out about this earlier. The power of Zapier to connect everything together, from my email, my CRM and even more could have saved me so much time and energy, I can't tell you how invaluable that is. Thanks for making this easy!
David Carbone

What's included?

Video Icon 20 videos Text Icon 1 text file


Welcome to Zapier!
Overview & pricing
3 mins
Navigating Zapier
3 mins
Zapier integrations by Search
3 mins
Zapier integration by Internal Search
3 mins
Autoresponder app integrations (Part I)
7 mins
Productivity app integrations (Part I)
5 mins
Autoresponder app integrations (Part II)
4 mins
Productivity app integrations (Part II)
4 mins
Facebook integrations
3 mins
Instagram integrations
4 mins
LinkedIn integrations
4 mins
Twitter integrations
4 mins
YouTube integrations
4 mins
GoTo Webinar integrations
4 mins
Google docs integrations
4 mins
Microsoft Office integrations
2 mins
WordPress integrations
3 mins
PayPal integrations
4 mins
Quickbooks integrations
2 mins
2 mins

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Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who uses productivity tools and needs to connect them to other tools, particularly for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, freelancers and others.