Money Maker Challenge by YES Academy

Money Maker Challenge

10 days to power boosting your income

Be a daily Moneymaker!

Stop the Business Income Roller Coaster!

Change your intention

Creating an income online is a mystery to many. To others, it’s a way of living. My goal is to teach you how to become successful at selling in such a way that if FEELS easy and effortless. My intention is to do that in a way that doesn’t give you false hopes or pipe dreams.

As a daily moneymaker you’ll be able to:

  • Create income goals and actually achieve them. No more randomly “hoping” things just work out.
  • Learn what actually works & do more. No more guessing at what to do, practice enough and you’ll know what works or what works more often than not (we don’t have crystal balls, but it’s way better than working completely blind)!
  • Stop wasting your time on things that don’t make you money. This is a literal business killer! When you focus on your moneymaker tasks it becomes super-clear what you should and should not be spending your valuable, precious time on!

Introducing the 10 Day Moneymaker Challenge

The Moneymaker Challenge for anyone who has a digital component to their business and is interested in creating more time-business freedom. 

We are going to get setup for success and then walk through the ways you can earn money and create passive income for your business. This is going to be fun! 

One question:

I’m a DAILY Moneymaker. Now it’s my goal to make sure YOU are one, too. You in?

What's included?

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Welcome to the Money Maker Challenge!
Day 1: Determine your Daily Money Goal
Keeping it simple
Day 2: Do your Offers Inventory
A challenge for many
69.7 KB
Day 3: Do one MoneyMaker task
Down to work
Day 4: Do two Moneymaker tasks
Building momentum
Day 5: Do three Moneymaker tasks
The reason for this pace
Day 6: Review your task results
How have the last few days been?
Day 7: Do one moneymaker task
Continuing easy
Day 8: Do two Moneymaker tasks
In the zone!
Day 9: Do three Moneymaker tasks
It get's easier!
Day 10: Plan 1-3 months of tasks
Plan for success

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Who's this course for?

This course is geared to solopreneurs, new entrepreneurs and small business owners. It's condensed timeframe (just 10 days) will keep you focused as you learn new skills and open new avanues.

How long can I access this course?

Well, how's always access? The course will be dripped to you over the 10 days, but you can come back to review and redo as often as you like.

Is it really 10 days?

Yes, it's a challenge - one that benefits from this condensed timeframe. It will keep you focused, but not overwhelmed as you stretch your processes to bring in extra income.