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Business Tech Bundle

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This bundle is all about tech items you'll be using in your business. Mastering these key programs will go a long way to streamlining your admin tasks.

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What's included?

Do More with Trello

Trello takes task management to new heights. Take a walk through and learn to do more.
View course $29 CAD

Facebook Live - Engage more!

Facebook Live interactions help you generate a long lasting following. Are you ready for more?
View course $27 CAD

Google Analytics 101

Many find Google Analytics confusing. Mastering this powerful tool will bring insight into just how and where you should be targeting your online presence. Lose the intimidation and get to know GA. 
View course $29 CAD

Mailchimp for Marketing

Learn how to get the most from your MailChimp account with marketing automation.
View course $39 CAD

Supercharged MailChimp

Take MailChimp marketing to the next level with this Super-Charge your Automation course. 
View course $39 CAD

Using Zapier to connect your systems together

Use Zapier to streamline and automate your business. Learn how-to here. (Also in the Business Tech Bundle).
View course $47 CAD

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