7 Day Reuse & Repurpose content challenge by YES Academy

7 Day Reuse & Repurpose content challenge

A step-by-step guide to Reuse & Repurpose your content

Want to reach a wider audience with your content?

Do you want to reach more people...for free?

What's this about?

It's about being able to attract more customers in less time...WITHOUT spending more money. And all you need to do is transform a single blog post into multiple pieces of content.

In the 7-Day Reuse & Repurpose Content challenge

You're going to:
  • Select blog posts that are perfect for expanding your visibility...so your hard work gets the attention it deserves
  • Transform one post into 5 brand new pieces of content in different formats...so you reach a wider audience than ever before
  • Follow a step-by-step process for each format. I'll be guide you along the way, every day
  • Schedule your new content on social media...so it continues to bring in new traffic on autopilot

The Reuse & Repurpose content challenge

Are you ready to get started with this 7days to success?

Praise for this course

Wow, by the time I got to Day 3 I had so many options for for how I think of my content in the future.
Angela Allen
I always thought once you had a blog post there wasn't too much more you could do with it. This challenge changed that. Thanks!
Kelli Thompson

What's included?

Video Icon 1 video File Icon 9 files Text Icon 25 text files


Save time with content repurposing
Day 1: Welcome & getting started
About the challenge
Time to reach a wider audience
Getting started instructions
Day 1 Worksheet: Download
208 KB
Day 2: Repurposing blog posts
Breathe new life into your blog post
Changing the format of your blog post
Start repurposing that post
235 KB
Day 3: From post to slideshow
Transform your favourite content into a slideshow
Convert your post to a slideshow
Steps to slideshow success
234 KB
Day 4: Convert slideshow to video
Use video to promote your content
Convert your slideshow to video
Why do you need video?
1 min
Repurpose your slideshow to video
238 KB
Day 5: Infographics from a post
Create an Infographic From Your Blog Post
Why create an Infographic?
Infographics step by step
245 KB
54.5 KB
Create an audio version of a post
Turn readers into listeners with audio
Creating your Audio
Audio file creation
207 KB
Day 7: Schedule social sharing
Share your content with the world!
Schedule social sharing
Social sharing step by step
241 KB
11 KB
Reuse & Repurpose challenge: Course conclusion
7 Days of ideas
End of challenge survey

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How long can I access this course?

You'll have access as long as you want. That means you can revisit at any time for a little more inspiration or to get a refresher.

Is it really a 7 day challenge?

The assignments have been created to be 1 a day for 7 days, you, however can take a little longer to complete if you wish.

What's included in this challenge?

This challenge is hands on, but you're not alone! You'll have access to worksheets, action steps, downloadable files and support make sure you can complete the tasks and create the new content piece as promised.

Who's this course for?

We've found that bloggers, solopreneurs, writers and content creators in various niches can benefit from this course. If you create any type of content for your audience, you can rework it into another form to Reuse & Repurpose the work you've already created.