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It’s time to turn your ideas into action! Don’t go it alone, you've tried that and it hasn't worked.
Your Entrepreneurial Spirit, through it's YES Academy, provides solutions to help you accelerate your learning and help you to grow faster. It's not about your competition, it's about being part of a community that values growth and collaboration. That's why you'll find the right type of support to help your business.


I'm so glad I found YES Academy. It seems like a natural extension of the offerings from Your Entrepreneurial Spirit. Now all the quality training and info can be found all in one place. YES!
Sharon Miller
I found out about YES Academy from my business coach, Barb Jemmott, Founder of Your Entrepreneurial Spirit. She's brought her expertise and passion to reach people online. A great move!
Derrick Evans, CEO

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7 Day Reuse & Repurpose content challenge

Want to reach a wider audience with your content… for free?

Money Maker Challenge

This 10 day challenge will help increase your income when you join us in completing 10 days of learning and tasks

View course $27 CAD

Business Tech Bundle

This bundle is all about key tech items you'll be using in your business. Mastering these key programs will go a long way to streamlining...

View bundle $99 CAD

MailChimp Exploded Bundle

This bundle is made up of the "MailChimp for Marketing" and the "Supercharged MailChimp" courses for one low price. Great pricing over regular course pricing.

View bundle $50 CAD

Google Analytics 101

Many find Google Analytics confusing. Mastering this powerful tool will bring insight into just how and where you should be targeting your online presence. Lose...

View course $29 CAD

Using Zapier to connect your systems together

Use Zapier to streamline and automate your business. Learn how-to here. (Also in the Business Tech Bundle).

View course $47 CAD

5 Secrets to getting more done

This eBook brings you 5 proven secrets (plus bonus tip) to getting more done without getting burned out. Learn to identify and take control of...

5 Tips to turn your prospects into paying clients

From mindset to sales skills, this 5 part special report brings timely, actionable strategies to help you convert more of your prospects into paying clients.

View product $19 CAD

Mailchimp for Marketing

Learn how to get the most from your MailChimp account with marketing automation.

View course $39 CAD

Supercharged MailChimp

Take MailChimp marketing to the next level with this Super-Charge your Automation course.

View course $39 CAD

Market Storm magazine

Your jampacked marketing magazine that's all about supporting your business and marketing efforts. Find valuable information and action steps you can use immediately to help...

View course Coming soon

YES Academy Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and earn cash for every referral!

Do More with Trello

Trello takes task management to new heights. Take a walk through and learn to do more.

View course $29 CAD

Facebook Live - Engage more!

Facebook Live interactions help you generate a long lasting following. Are you ready for more?

View course $27 CAD

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